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Can't train in person? We offer remote training services to people of all levels. Choose which plans work best for you and we'll create an individualized plan to fit your sport and needs. All plans includes professional coaching feedback after each session.

Train 1x/Week

$65 per month

Train 2x/Week

$80 per month

Train 3x/Week

$95 per month

Train 4x/Week

$110 per month

Enhance Performance

Every sport has physical attributes that contribute to success on the playing field. Some examples of general physical attributes are explosiveness, aerobic fitness, and anaerobic power. Some examples of specific attributes are rotational power, lateral explosiveness, and sports specific conditioning.

Using key performance indicators to drive our decision making in our training programs, we utilize exercises and methodologies to enhance these qualities.


Injury Prevention

Every sport has common injuries that occur due to the nature of the game and the movements required to be successful. 

Using our knowledge of the demands of specific sports, we tailor our training programs to work on the requisite mobility required to obtain ranges of motion to stay healthy and program exercises to strengthen and stabilize specific joints and muscles to counteract the extreme demands sport takes on the body. 

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